Bamboo furniture 'Info & Care'

April 05, 2017

Bamboo furniture 'Info & Care'

Spring has arrived so it's time to get your bamboo furniture out again and enjoy the sun!

You should know that our bamboo collection needs love and care like all other outdoor wooden furniture, so we've listed up some tips & tricks to keep your bamboo in great shape. 


Bamboo is sustainably produced and grown. As it is the fastest growing plant in the world it reproduces big amount of CO2 and when cut it regrows quickly. In that way bamboo is great alternative to the slower growing and resource-demanding hard wood. Additionally, bamboo does not require any type of pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides to grow and reproduce effectively. 

In short bamboo has amazing natural capabilities of multiplication. It is not a scared resource and it is able to survive and multiply seamlessly. The bamboo poles we select for our production need from 60 days only to 4 years fully grow. 


Our bamboo is perfectly suited for inside & outside use, but when placed outside, the bamboo will change over time when it is placed outside. The colour of the surface will become brighter and more grey.

Even though your bamboo piece is treated with Woca® water-based natural exterior wood oils, mold may occur. When this happens, it's important that you treat it. The easiest way is to use a high pressure cleaner, but maintain your distance not to damage the wood. Alternatively, hand wash with a mild detergent and a sponge.

Wipe off excess product and water and hand-dry the bamboo with a soft towel or other fabric. Once every few years, depending on your local climate conditions, we recommend that you reapply Woca ® water based natural exterior wood oil.

When summer is over, it's best to store your bamboo in a dry ventilated environment during the autumn and winter season. Make sure that the furniture is placed on a dry surface to avoid the legs from absorbing water. If you leave them outside off-season, use the rain repellent covers or make sure to repeat the care instructions on a regular basis.  

Please take the time to treat your bamboo furniture with care and love, it's definitely worth it!

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